After several years of research and development for advanced materials, we have finally achieved to announce an unique method called ACM Method. We have built up the factory in the 4th Gumi National Industrial Complex in Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea for the mass production of advanced materials.

Our ACM method has been already demonstrated the superiority of products and economical efficiency to numerous Japanese corporations and now we are in preparation for increasing the capacity in order to supply to companies in the industries such as semiconductor, shipbuilding, automotive, chemical plants, etc. in Korea and abroad. We will continue to research and development indefatigably to acquire further unique technologies to develop advanced materials and at the same time open up various new markets and be recognized as an unchallengeable and environment-friendly enterprise in materials industry.

With principle-oriented management, the company will return its profits fairly to stockholders, employees and society and promises to become a trustworthy company which contributes in improvement of mankind.